Hello my name is Ryan.

I started programming in 2000. I specialize in JavaScript and Node.js applications and this blog explains my experience while building digital web products.

High performance applications and user experience is what I focus on most.


Work Experience

2015-Present One Africa Media

  • I am appointed Senior Front End Engineer where I oversee the technical user experience for BrighterMonday.co.ke Kenya’s largest job classifieds market. Brighter Monday are also in Tanzania and Uganda.


I have had the pleasure of working with the following companies in the past:

  • Spree
  • Hello Computer
  • Runway Sale
  • Lean Mean Fighting Machine
  • Emirates
  • Harper Collins
  • Olmeca Tequila
  • Red Heart Rum
  • Castle Lite
  • Glenlivet Whisky
  • A24 Group
  • Imono Digitale
  • Grindstone Media
  • Laragh Courseware
  • Lucie Pavlovich Photography
  • 2tribes
  • Lowe Bull
  • Dogon Group
  • Paypal Marketing
  • 3 Para (Book Launch)
  • Covet SJP
  • Inside Kitchens